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Saffron Handmade Soap

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Saffron is a rare spice which is tiny a stigmas, from the crocus sativus, a flower in the iris family,” Saffron is an all-around healing powerhouse, both internally and externally.
Saffron Soap is made of 100% organic ingredients.


• Heal skin with antibacterial properties bring back even to be smoothen skin and is anti aging.
• It helps in reducing hyperpigmentation and is also good for sensitive skin.
• Saffron helps to Brighten, calm, and protect your skin. 


Directions :
Wash your hands with fresh water and take the Saffron bathing bar, run it once underneath running water while rubbing your palms against soap and use it.
Safety Instructions :
Please avoid contact with your eyes while washing your face. In case of any irritation in your eyes, splash water in your eyes and clean them thoroughly.
Ingredients :
Coconut oil, Green gram, Veg
oil, Herbal extracts, Aquava, caustic soda, saffron extract oil


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